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The Monastery of St. John, Theologian,
Patmos, Greece

msj theologos

Founded in 1088, by Ioannis Christodoulos, a leading figure in the Eastern church and monasticism at the time, the monastery has been a dominant part of the life of Patmos for 900 years. The monastery played a role in administration of the island, the politics of the region, as well as being a spiritual center. The high walls of the monastery, and its defensible position atop the highest part of the island reflect the dangers of the time.

Christodoulos (b. first half of 11th c.; d. 1093), a native of Nicea in Bithynia, became a monk, visited Rome and lived in Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Invading Turks compelled him to leave the Holy Land, and he founded monasteries on the islands of Kos and Leros, near Patmos. Byzantine Emperor Alexios Comnenos I (1081-1118) ceded to him the island of Patmos, and he founded the Monastery of St. John the Theologian on the island in the year 1088.

This view looks north towards the back of the monastery. The town of Chora gathers around the base of the walls.

You can examine a photo of the monastery from the other side.

I hope you enjoy my tour of this monastery.

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Please note: I do NOT live on Patmos; this is not the official site of the Monastery.
I cannot give you permission to stay at the Monastery, to join the Monastery, etc.

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