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Tinos Practicalities

Tinos is part of the Cyclades group of islands. It has close neighbors of Andros to the NW and Mykonos to the SE.

You can reach the island by ferry from a number of routes. It is a stop on some through routes as well has having shuttle service to Mykonos and other nearby islands. There is no airport. From Tinos you can get ferry service back to the mainland via Rafina (not Pireaus).

The main harbor and town is on the southern shore. This is the location of the pilgrimage church as well.

Casual visitors are strongly advised against trying to get to the island around the Aug. 15 pilgrimage date - unless that's what you are trying to see.

Along the waterfront in Tinos town are the usual hotels, restaurants, banks, kiosks, and scooter rental shops that can fulfill all the requirements for the tourist.


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