776 BCE.   The first olympic games.

724 BCE.   The double-stadion foot race (diaulos) added to program.

720 BCE.   Long distance foot race (dolichos) added to the program.

668 BCE.   Boxing added to the program.

648 BCE.   Pankration (all in wrestling) added to the program.

480 BCE.   Games apparenlty held dispite invasion of the Persians.

364 BCE.   Pisans invade and a battle is fought within the sacred precinct. Probably the only time this occurs.

393 AD.    Games terminated.

435    Emperor Theodosios II formally prohibits the use of 'pagan' religious buildings, thus ending any chance of a revival. The site falls into disuse and is slowly covered in sediment.

522 & 551 Earthquakes severely damage the remaining buildings. Further mudslides and floods cover the site.

1766 Site rediscovered.

1829 First real excavation of the site.

1896 Modern Olympics begin in Athens.

2004 Modern Olympic games held at Athens.


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