There are, I'm sure any number of good places to stay on the island, I haven't done a survey. However, if I come back I'm going right back to this place, one of the nicest lodging experience of my life.

Their website. They have an active social media presence, you can find the links on their website.

Let's start with the location which gives you this view from your room. (And to the right of this you can see more of the ocean.)

This situates the hotel (four story building at the lower left) and it's position in Chora.

We'll get to the rooms, but one of the main reasons I enjoyed my stay was due to the management/ownership team, especially Carolina (shown here). Very knowledgable, friendly and always helpful. I learned much from her about the island. I took a lot of her time.

One of the benefits of the place is their multi-lingual lending library. My novel of ancient Greece is second from the top on the left pile.

Now on to the room. This was mine and you can see my blue T-shirt drying on the rack.

I was in what they call their 'junior suite' - and I did not pay the $300 or so I see various sites posting now - I was there before the height of tourist season.

Note the clean uncluttered look. There were a lot of little calm touches to the room. On the right shelf is the phone and the pad you use to order your breakfast.

The kitchen and the door on the right to the bathroom.

One notable perk of this room: more than one electric outlet unlike a lot of Greek hotels (and some in the United States) that have no more than one per room.

The balcony.

You order your breakfast each evening from the touch screen pad and decide what you want from their menu. Then in the morning they deliver it to your room and you can eat outside while the sun climbs up. This day I selected some very good orange juice and a simple omelette.

The hotel has a number of other amenities including laundry, car and bike rental, room service, etc. Later in season they offer massage.

They are plugged into the 'smart and sustainable' program for the island and sell various local food products like honey.

I received a nice glass of lemonaid on arrival and was sent on my way with a small gift as well.

Can't wait to return.

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