Chora or "Hora" is the main city of the island. The image above reminds you of that and the old harbor. This image is taken from the hill and looks back to where the first image was taken.

You can see the windmills.

And from about the spot the previous image was taken, you now are looking north down to the old port.

But the real point of this page is to share some views and details of the city. Like, for example, how many beautiful flowers are about.

Daily life.

I was there in the second week of May and there was a lot of painting going on to get ready for the tourist season.

War memorial.

Groups of doctors and medical staff travel from island to island by speedboat to provide specialist care to places that only have GP's.

Why yes, it is a road.

To me, this is the essence of simple, good, life. Basic, clear, use the sun, low-key transport. It's not rich, or complex, but it is harmonious and soothing.

Sign on a pharmacy. They take turns being open 24/7.

City hall.

One of, I was told, two gas stations on the island.

Street life. Neighbors and a dog staying out of the sun.

Maybe it does exist.

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