For such a small island, it does have an airport. When I was there in 2022 there were three or four flights a day, mostly back and forth to Athens. I think there is occasionally a link to one or two other islands, but like all such things in Greece is dependent on what part of the annual tourist cycle you are in.

Wikipedia says it averages about 12-15,000 passengers a year.

The single runway, oriented 15/33, is just 3,200 ft long, so don't expect a 747 to show up (but more than enough space for the regional jobs).

Doesn't seem to have too much in the way of NAVAIDS other than a non-directional beacon.

The air side. It is small, but certainly does the job.

Pretty much the entire check in, deposit luggage, go through security area. But it is all they need.

And off we go to our plane. The ATR-42 seemed to be the aircraft of choice.

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